Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A History Obsession!

I have always loved history, historic buildings, people and places but as I have grown older my fascination has increased, though not helped by my appalling memory I love the nerdy little historical facts, so now always take my camera with me even if I just go out shopping and in this wonderful historic county I nearly always come across a new building or place I haven't seen before. I always meant to walk down to the River Medway past the beautiful Archbishop's Palace but always seemed to be in the car, so today I did and I wasn't disappointed, the stunning 14th century church of All Saint's should be Cathedral it is just so majestic and beautiful. There was wonderful organ music playing so I slipped in to listen, the only one there I drifted off into another world imagining the people through the centuries who have sat in the same place. I took loads of photos, experimenting with sepia, so here are a few. All photographs taken in Maidstone, Kent.

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