Sunday, 23 September 2012

Just had to share!

I love watching X Factor and seeing the new amazing and not so amazing talent and tonight I think I know who will win, Ella Henderson, 16 years old and already writing her own songs. Her version of  Believe  was in my opinion sensational, she gave the song a whole new meaning, I predict big things for Ella, what do you think?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A new baby!

Here is the newest member of the family, a little rescued kitten we named Lettuce. She had been kept in a cat basket all day without food or water and no exercise so we couldn't let that go on so she came to us and in the few days we have had her if feels like she has been here forever, so loving, so good and so cute! The other cats are slowy getting used to her, Biba is the worst as she has been the baby and she has been telling us in no uncertain terms what she thinks, well she is a Siamese! But even she is slowly coming around, Lettuce isn't afraid of anything or anyone and is wonderfully affectionate, on my shoulder watching me type as I speak. She will be loved and cherished as all animals should be.

Anita and I took Jessica to a lovely lake with lots of birds, she loves feeding the birds, she points to the tiniest bird on a rooftop that I can hardly see! On Sunday she is going to see the Gorillas at Howletts, she is going to be another animal lover in the family, so important to introduce animals in a child's life. I remember all our family pets with such love and affection well maybe not the Giant African Snail......

Sunday, 16 September 2012

'Things' I really really love!

What are your favourite 'things', I think you can tell a lot about people by the 'things' they like, so here are a few of my favourite 'things' which are inanimate as well as animate. I wonder what they say about me?

Chandeliers, they make any room look glamorous

Grace Kelly, opitome of elegance and style

Love everything Laduree

Autumn, my favourite season

Sir Winston Churchill, my hero!

I adore bees, and love anything with bees on

Afternoon Tea, love it!

Reading, what would I do without books, an addiction

Kindness, a smile a helping hand costs nothing

My skin care luxury, it works

An ancient Roman ring, can you imagine wearing a ring a Roman wore? I want one!

My wonderful daughter Sophie and Granddaughter Jessica, I love you!

Black and White films, in winter on a cold and rainy afternoon

I love Jazz especially Ella

Love films, The English Patient is in my top ten favs

Violette Zsabo, Fascinated by the 2WW and love learning about it

My favourite Chocs!

The ancient town of Rye, East Sussex, would love to live there one day

HM Queen Elizabeth II, an amazing monarch

Poetry, one of my favs
My signature fragrance

Burgh Island, Devon, one of my fav places ever

Who doesn't love Audrey?

Ooo! Pink Champagne, yes please!

One of the great organizations who not only talk the talk but walk the walk

Pearls, look classy with anything
Pink roses, divine

Adore the sea, maybe because I am an old Crab?

Veruschka, my fav model of all time

Love ruffles and bows

My fav breakfast, yum!

Love Sophie and Bryn's quirky dress sense

My home town, love it!

Adore Greyhounds, make such wonderful pets

Billie, another great

Sunday lunch, yum!

The one and only the late Isabella Blow

Old blue eyes, reminds me of my late Dad

The stunning designs of Paulette at PaperNosh

The most beautiful Ava

English Country Gardens

I love all cats but Siamese are my favourite

The best foundation ever

England, my England

Friends, my oldes friend Nona at Sophie's Graduation show

Sophie's designs

My son Piers and his daughter Jessica, love you

Well you all know I love huge rings

A passion for Wisteria

Fascination with Russian History

Everything Vitage

Terence Stamp, a crush all my life!

Sparkly things!

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