Thursday, 30 June 2011

A daughter's love!

Is there anything more wonderful than the love of a precious daughter? I am the luckiest woman in the world to have the most amazing daughter who is beautiful inside and out. I am so proud of her and her fantastic achievements. Sophie gained a 2.1 BAhons degree from Bournemouth University, her degree was in Fashion and Textile design and this time last year she showed her collection at Graduate Fashion Week at Earls Court in London. Well what an exciting day it was, I was literally bursting with pride when her innovative and unique collection came down the catwalk, Sophie was so overcome that she cried all the way through, an accumulation of three years hard work. The collection received rave reviews from the fashion press so I thought I would share a few designs with you. Sophie now works for two wonderful designers Gushlow and Cole who design the most amazing fine sheepskin, goatskin, baby lamb coats and accessories, the great thing is that all the skins used are ethically sourced from either by products of food or in the instance of the baby lamb, lambs that have died at birth or soon after. 

Sophie is the kindest most caring, sharing, compassionate person that I know, always thinking of others before herself, when she reads this she might not be haha!!! Seriously, I am BLESSED.

A new Queen in waiting!!!

I apologise to all of you for this little bit of self indulgence as my first post, but I cannot resist showing you my beautiful new Granddaughter Jessica Lilly, her Mummy and Daddy named her after my late Mum which was so thrilling for me and made me cry buckets! They have the habit of calling her Pickle which becomes Picklelilli hehe! Don't think she will thank them for that when she get's older! Just look at her beautiful face!!

Taking the plunge!!

Well I have finally taken the plunge and started a blog, with a bit of pushing and shoving from my dear friend Paulette of Paper Nosh who designed it for me! She is so talented and I hope to learn all about this blogging business from her. { Her blog: la Pink Paperie here }

The name Dangerous Liaison really originated from a collection of Baroque collars that I designed, they are darkly romantic and over the top fabulous, just the sort of thing you would want to wear on a Dangerous Liaison!!

I will be posting my jewellery designs, vintage finds, and a little of what goes on in my life, the places I visit, and topics that I hope you will find interesting. In time you will be able to purchase my jewellery straight from the blog, so please do come back and visit regularly.
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