Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Siamese Cat Song!

What is your favourite Disney film? Mine is Lady and The Tramp, and since I saw it the first time I always wanted Siamese cats. Over time I have had quite a few, the last one was Hugo, a seal point dastardly handsome chap and the softest, kindest boy you could ever meet, but he did have some rather unusual and very naughty habits! His party trick when he thought we might not be giving him quite enough attention was to spray in the electric plugs fusing everything, yes you read right! In the plugs!!!! God, it drove me mad, but somehow you just couldn't stay mad for long lol! And if we went out and left him on his own on our arrival back he would be on top of the roof screaming at us, 'How dare you go out and leave me' yes I can speak Siamese cat talk! The day the vet came to the house to put hime down was one of the worst days of my life, he had severe breathing problems and was very distressed so it was the only thing we could do, but as Sophie and I held him and he slipped away a huge part of our life seemed to slip away too, you can only understand this if you have lost a pet you loved and adored. I think we cried for a week, but he is still with us, his ashes in a little wooden box with his name in brass, yes we loved him that much!

So, after some time we decided that life wasn't the same without a noisy Siamese so now we have Biba, the first female Siamese, no more fused plugs for me! Another seal point and a beautiful girl and obsessed with me which suits me fine except when I work on the computer and she insists on sitting as near my face as possible which as you can imagine causes some problems! Again she has the sweet nature of Hugo, and lets us know when we leave her that she is not best pleased. She also amazes us by playing fetch with her toys and will do this for ages, so funny to see! I took her out on her lead for the first time yesterday and she loved it, walked like a little dog beside me so now I have to do it every day, so much for a cat being more independant than a dog! Anyway, I took a few photos of her and I was quite pleased with the one below, isn't she pretty! And I can't resist posting the Disney video, hope you enjoy it as much as me!


P.S  Don't forget to pause the music on the right hand side if you want to watch the video xxx

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  1. Just one more thing we have in common darling! Lady and The Tramp was my all time favorite movie and still is....I sing the songs to myself all of the time !...I loved the Lady dog...and had Buff Cocker Spaniels most of my life....first Taffy and then my darling Shelbie. I love those pesky Siamese-zie too :))
    Your Sis


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