Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas is coming! Wrapping ideas

I have been looking for some really pretty wrapping paper for Christmas, either there is not enough on a roll and hideously expensive or it's bog standard gift wrap. I love to wrap gifts in a lovely way, I think it adds to the excitement of receiving a gift. So when I went out today I came across an animal print wallpaper, loads on a roll, nice and thick which won't tear and cheap at £6.99 a roll, I really wanted French Toile but it's very expensive, anyway I wrapped a gift to show you how it looks, also I added a very inexpensive corsage/hair clip which not only looks pretty but is a little added gift. Of course the variations are endless, I sometimes put three Christmas tree baubles strung together as decoration on a gift or a vintage brooch. The light was almost going at 3.30pm on a vile rainy day so the photos are not great but I hope it gives you an idea. I am being sent some of my dear friend Paulette's exquisite wrapping paper,which she prints herself, can't wait to get it and I will wrap something in it and show you!  Pease take a look at here amazing work at Papernosh

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  1. You did a good job in here my dear friend. I love and like the way how you wrap your gifts. Thanks for sharing.

    Corporate Hampers Melbourne


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