Thursday, 15 November 2012

Image of Autumn

I was in Tenterden, Kent yesterday and walking down the high street I saw this lovely vista in front of me, misty golden light, low sun in the late afternoon,  it's my favourite time of year, so here it is!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas is coming! Wrapping ideas

I have been looking for some really pretty wrapping paper for Christmas, either there is not enough on a roll and hideously expensive or it's bog standard gift wrap. I love to wrap gifts in a lovely way, I think it adds to the excitement of receiving a gift. So when I went out today I came across an animal print wallpaper, loads on a roll, nice and thick which won't tear and cheap at £6.99 a roll, I really wanted French Toile but it's very expensive, anyway I wrapped a gift to show you how it looks, also I added a very inexpensive corsage/hair clip which not only looks pretty but is a little added gift. Of course the variations are endless, I sometimes put three Christmas tree baubles strung together as decoration on a gift or a vintage brooch. The light was almost going at 3.30pm on a vile rainy day so the photos are not great but I hope it gives you an idea. I am being sent some of my dear friend Paulette's exquisite wrapping paper,which she prints herself, can't wait to get it and I will wrap something in it and show you!  Pease take a look at here amazing work at Papernosh

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ralph Vaughan Williams

I was browsing YouTube this morning and came across this video, Vaughan Williams is one of my most favourite composers and perfect listening for a relaxed Sunday morning, it has some stunning images of England, hope you enjoy! Don't forget to pause the music on the right hand side.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

A breath of Sea Air-Whitstable, Kent

Over the past few weeks I haven't felt too great, won't bore you with the details but it has stopped me doing very much and I do hate being cooped up inside so today Sophie and I drove to Whitstable, a gorgeous little town on the Kent Coast, famed the world over for it's Whitstable Oysters. It was a glorious day, cold but blue sky, just about my favourite type of weather. I actually don't like Oysters but Sophie loves them so she downed a few for her breakfast as soon as we got to the harbour. We walked along the harbour front browsing in the little huts which housed all sorts of crafts and goodies, pass wonderful fish stalls selling the fresh produce straight from the sea, the smell was wonderful and I felt so much better being out in the beautiful sunshine and of course I am at my happiest by the sea. I snapped a few photos on the way to the high street and the shops.

There are tons of super little shops in the town, no chains, so we browsed for Christmas gifts and came away with quite a few, lots of vintage shops and we found Sophie three vintage dresses, a blouse and a hand knitted jumper and quite a few other goodies I can't tell you about in case their future owners happen to read this lol! Wayne Hemmingway has a great little shop there where I found something nice for Bryn! We were getting hungry so we walked back to the harbour for some lunch and passed a sign on the harbour wall saying Cushings View, I wondered what it meant so googled it when I came back and the found out that the actor Peter Cushing lived in Whitstable for many years and he loved it so much that when he passed the people of the town put the plaque up to commemorate his favourite view. Below is a charming video I found about him and the town. Please pause the music on the right to watch it.

We had lunch at a restaurant on the harbour with only outside seating but it did provide blankets lol! Fish and chips and mushy peas for Sophie and Crab Cakes for me yummy!

Before we left of course I had to buy some Oysters to take home and some of the best doughnuts in Kent according to Antony Worrall Thompson! They cooked them in front of us and some didn't make it home! Delicious. Took a few more pics on the way back to the car. Whitstable is a must if you are ever in the area, it has a castle as well of course, well you are in Kent!  Our little trip lifted my spirits and made me feel so much better after feeling so poorly. I hope your weekend is a great one, love to you all xxx

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