Friday, 22 February 2013

Random pics!

I thought I would post some photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks on my travels around Kent, and of course I couldn't leave out my gorgeous little Pickle, Jess!

St Mildred's at Tenterden a beautiful 12th century church, there was stunning music coming from the church so my brother and I went in and the church was empty apart from the organ player, we felt like clapping when he had finished it was so gorgeous
I thought this Jacobean memorial to a husband and wife was just so stunning (Herbert and Martha Whitfield)

We took Jessica to Tonbridge Castle and fed the Squirrels, this little or should I say large chap was so friendly then we did have chocolate (with nuts) for him!

I was sitting in the car at the level crossing at Tenterden when the 'puffa train' came through, I can actually remember travelling on these!! Showing my age!
The beautiful 13th Century Tonbridge Castle, it was a glorious day but freezing! I made some lovely pearl wedding jewellery for a customer who married here
Jess Pigeon chasing at Tonbridge Castle
I remember my son doing this, eating the stale bread that was meant for the ducks and swans!
Just hanging
Another beautiful but freezing day in the lovely town of Cranbrook
Snow a couple of weeks ago, it's snowing again as I type
Mine or yours? Jess loves playing with the cats, Lettuce is especially lovely with her
At 'Wear em Out' it certainly wore me out!
The lovely town of Tenterden
A lovely day in Whistable
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, keep warm and snug, xxx

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  1. So much beauty and culture! Bit of a wasteland around my neck of the woods! Maybe do a house swap? Lol! Darling Pickle is so cute, love her outfits. I would have been scared by the squirrel! When our friend brought her two littlest here from the UK, the first thing they said to me was show us the squirrels! It was so funny. I had to break the sad news that there weren't any. Stunning hair, too, Bea (yours not the squirrel's). Xxx


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