Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Acts of Kindness

Good friends are as rare as hare's teeth, those special friends who go that extra mile to cheer you when the going get's tough, I am so lucky to have a wonderful friend who lives thousands of miles away in the US but even those miles don't stop her being the most thoughtful, caring and special friend anyone could want. The last few weeks have been pretty tough, members of my family with a hip replacement, an op for a hernia and I have had some eye trouble which thankfully is not as serious as it was first thought. So over a couple of weeks beautiful, thoughtful gifts have been arriving, first a gorgeous Mug and then some seriously delicious tea for Sophie then the most beautiful cup and saucer and Vanilla Orchid tea for me, then our favourite delicious Macarons and today a wonderful book A Thousand Days in Venice. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dearest Paulette, not only a wonderful friend but one with the most exquisite taste!! You can see what wonderful taste she has by having a look at her stunning creations at I took a few pics of the lovely goodies we recieved.

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  1. You deserve so much more darling, but I sent the things I would pick out for you and Sophie if I were there...comfort gifts is what they were meant to be and I hope you were comforted by the thought that I would always be there for you.
    xxxx's, Your Sister of the Heart


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