Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pickle and Bella

My little Pickle of a granddaughter now has a little sister Isabella! I am such a proud nanny, two beautiful little girls to love and spoil. It was my birthday last wednesday and I spent the day with them, Pickle is adorable and she actually kept still for almost two hours, a cold box full of water is the secret! And Bella slept the day away. My son Piers cooked on the barbeque for us which was delicious as usual and I was thoroughly spoilt. Thank you everyone for making my day so special.

Isabella Daisy Lowe aged one week!

The Pickle (Jessica)

Practising my synchronized swimming nanny!

Pickle being a pickle (with a smile like that everything is forgiven)

Still sleeping..........

Haha! Priceless! It's Daddy's honest!

Pickle religiously waters her flowers every day, purple ones are her favs!

Nanny B and Bella

Just a bit more!

Have a lovely weekend everyone xxx

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  1. Bea darling, just dropping in unannounced! Hope you don't mind! Was wondering when you'd introduce Bella to me. Nothing more lovely than a sleeping swaddled baby. *sigh* She's lovely and so is little Pickle. Love Pickle's frock. Looks like it's nice and warm there. :) xxxx Happy Belated Birthday to you, you couldn't ask for a nicer gift.


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