Tuesday 1 October 2013

Moan of the Month!

One of my bugbears in life is the loss of small independent shops. The economy and rent and rates price these shops out of our high streets, it's a crying shame! Do we really want identical high streets selling the same things? I know I don't! So I try and support small shops with my custom. One of my favourite places to shop is the nearby Kentish town of Cranbrook. A lovely town with a wealth of small shops full of interesting individual things. Not only shops but cafes and restaurants and a few good pubs. Nearby Sissinghurst Castle, Leeds Castle and many more historical attractions add to it's interest. So on my last visit I took a few photos of my favourite places in Cranbrook.

You are guaranteed to find something beautiful at Spice which is housed in a lovely medieval building

The lovely Claire Hamilton who owns Spice

So much to choose from!

Beautiful china

There are two lovely florists in Cranbrook
The V. Chic Boutique specialising in nearly new clothes

Always a warm welcome from the lovely Jan Moloney owner of V.Chic

Oooh! Handbags and shoes galore as well as jewellery, perfume and everything a woman could want!

Great Italian café who does the best Panini I have ever tasted
A walk through the 12th century churchyard and straight ahead The George Hotel

The George Hotel is a beautiful medieval building

One of the lovely rooms at The George Hotel. Always meet my friends at The George

Tim Johnson outside Apicius his Michelin star restaurant and one of my favs!  

The food at Apicius is to die for!

Even my bank is attractive!

And back past the beautiful Church to the FREE car park, all car parks in Cranbrook are FREE

I cannot remember the last time I went to a big shopping centre, I have no interest in the generic shops and when I have been always come away feeling ill and claustrophobic, give me small and some fresh air and I am happy! Please try and support your small local shops if you can, otherwise they will disappear forever.

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