Friday, 21 October 2011

Flashback Friday!

Mike and I at Caxton Hall

Ossie Clark

A now vintage Ossie Clark
I am very nostalgic by nature so every Friday will be Flashback Friday! It might be fashion or film or anything that I think might be of interest to you. This week it's fashion. as you probably know I worked for Ossie Clark many moons ago and I often think of those wonderful, exciting days when each day was a complete adventure for a teenage girl. I lived and worked in the King's Road, Chelsea and it really was the centre of the Universe for Fashion and Music. When I got married of course there was no other option for me than to choose and Ossie Clark dress. We were married at Caxton Hall in Westminster, London on 7th April, 1973.  So, here is the dress, a la 1973 and today, and a photo of Ossie just how I remember him. Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

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  1. Barbara, how stunning are you! I love the look, gorgeous for 'now', too! have just bought myself a great floppy black felt hat. Beautiful wedding pic! Flora :) x


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