Friday, 28 October 2011

Flashback Friday-A 60s Teenager remembers the beauty of Biba!

The iconic Biba Logo

Biba Kensington Church Street
Twiggy, Biba Style
Twiggy at The Rooftop Restaurant
Rooftop Restaurant

If you like me are a child of the 50s you will remember the dull post war years of Britain. There really was no such thing as a 'Teenager', the clothes and the music were just versions of adult attire and the music we listened to was the same as our parents. Then in the early 60s along came our very own fashions and music. Amongst the explosion of the swinging 60s was a designer named Barbara Hulaniki who literally changed for face of fashion! Her ethos was to make ultra fashionable clothes accessible and affordable to all young women of every class. I know that most of my earnings was spent in that little shop in Kensington Church Street and later in that most wondrous world that was 'Big Biba' in the old Derry and Thoms building. Was there ever a shop like Biba? The most beautiful place you ever saw,  the different departments within the store were like settings from a Fellini film! I remember my friend and I going every Saturday and spending all day there, having dinner at the Rooftop Restaurant, and once seeing The New York Dolls play there. I adored the Biba look, smokey eyes, yellow foundation, dark plum lips, just divine! Anyway, just thought it may bring back as many happy memories for you as it does for me! Have a great weekend xxx.

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