Friday, 2 December 2011

Flashback Friday-A Timeless Classic

A timeless classic.....Pearls! Now some people when they think of pearls think fuddy duddy, boring and safe. In my opinion Pearls are classy, sophisticated and classic. From Marie Antoinette to Lady Gaga, the pearl only enhances the beauty of the wearer, it casts it's pearly glow on the skin and and instantly makes any outfit look classy. I have had a love affair with pearls all my life, a June baby, Pearl is my birthstone and I have had many gifts of pearl jewellery throughout the years and remember when I found out at a very young age where a Pearl came from I was so fascinated by the process in which they are created. A gorgeous gift from the sea!

Pearl in an Oyster

Next week I will be posting some of my own pearl jewellery designs,  in the meantime here are some wonderful ways to wear pearls!

Have a great weekend, take care, B  xxxx

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