Saturday, 1 December 2012

What will you be wearing at Christmas?

Like most women I love to buy a new outfit to wear at Christmas but don't want to spend a fortune what with all the other things you have to buy at this time of year so when I was browsing around the internet for gifts I came across three pieces which I could mix and match, don't think I would wear them all together, would be a bit much I think, but the jacket would look great with jeans as well.  I also found a pair of Red Herring ballet pumps in the same beautiful blush colour a bargain at half price £12!! The blush sequin three pieces are from Florence and Fred and such a bargain I had to share. The Jacket was £30, skirt £20 and the sleeveless tank £8. I love designer labels but having worked in fashion and knowing the mark up I just don't want to pay the prices, although of course I do get tempted once in a while! Hope your weekend is a great one xxx

1 comment:

  1. Love the pieces, the skirt cut and length just so lady like and that teeny sequin fabric is great. Good work.


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