Saturday, 1 December 2012

What's in your makeup bag?

I have always adored makeup, it is a part of me and gives me confidence although I seriously only put it on for myself makes me feel more 'me'. Even when I am not going out it's part of my routine and I very rarely go without it, if I don't put the slap on then you know i'm feeling poorly lol! When I was younger I bought tons of makeup, cannot believe how much money I have wasted on impulse buys, now I stick to what works for me although some things I have stuck with since my teens never finding a better one.

Here's what I use..

Foundation, the best I have ever used is M.Asam, Magic Finish  one colour for all skins, it melts into the skin, truly a magical product and leaves a wonderful dewy finish
Laura Mercia cover up just for those areas that need a little more coverage
Corn Silk Transluscent Powder, the best I have ever used and I have been using it since I was a teenager
XenTan bronzer, wonderful natural bronzer powder for those days when you need a little sunshine in your life, I also used their fake tan, best on the market and a wonderful smell of almonds
Laura Gella Blusher, I buy everything without shimmer, for older women it is not flattering and shows up every wrinkle!
A matte generic dark brown smokey eye shadow, without any shimmer, Rimmel Liquid eyeliner in Black oh and before any eye makeup I put on Garnier rollerball concealer for eyes, a fab product which not only covers and dark circles but wakes up your eyes not forgetting Optrex eye drops.
The best mascara on the market is Max Factor 2000 calories, have used it since it was introduced yonks ago
Face creams are my one extravagance Creme de la Mer, it really works in my opinion, Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference a fantastic every day cream and Clarins Beauty Flash (under makeup) Oh and sometimes I use Jason's 100% Vitamin E oil, a little goes a long way.Best put on at night so it can sink in and do it's best.
I love lipstick and mainly wear a pinky brown colour, I tend to mix them on my lips, and a browny pick lip liner and gloss, one tip for making your lipstick last is to line your lips and fill in the whole lips with the pencil and then put on your lipstick and gloss, lasts longer.
I wash my face in the morning with a wash with exfoiliater then tonic, at night I use a face cream to take makeup off then tone with tonic. Would love to hear what is in your makeup bag and your favourite products

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  1. Finding the best foundation has been a life long quest so far! You name it I've tried it! Currently on maybelline age rewind, after all sorts of disappointment even from Dior and Chanel. I only ever have one on the go, my friend Starr has bases for night, day, morning and all times in between. Extraordinary efforts there. Lipsticks totally hooked on Chanel's packaging, don't really think they are any better than less expensive brands either. Seem to have a cluster of that weird beige colour that seems to look stunning with a smoky eye in magazines, but rubbish on someone who's not a super model. Mascara never had any luck with because my eyelashes are short under performers no matter what. Fascinated by your creme de la mer. That's a temptation. Have you used it for yonks? X


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