Friday, 24 February 2012

Flashback Friday-Coco Chanel's Apartment

To my mind Coco Chanel was the epitomy of class, style and elegance and her apartment at 31 Rue Gambon, Paris echo's those qualities. Coco used her apartment only for work as there are no bedrooms, just living and work space and she took a suite of rooms at the Ritz Hotel for sleep and rest. Stunning chandeliers are prevalent throught the apartment showing her love of crystals, she was a great believer in the healing properties of them. I hope you enjoy the photographs of this elegant space and the video which starts in French but after a few seconds continues in English, don't forget to pause the music on the right hand side to watch the video. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, hugs xxxx

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Flashback Friday-One of my favourtie places-Eltham Palace, London

I adore Art Deco and one of my very favourite places to visit is the stunning Eltham Palace in London. I remember the first time I took my daughter there when she was only ten years old and it worked it's magic on her too, for weeks after the visit she would draw the inside of the Palace and it really made a big impression on her, and now that she is an adult her love of Art Deco is still evident, in fact she said she would love to be married there!! The whole story of the palace is explained in the video, hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend, hugs.

To watch the video please don't forget to pause the music on the player

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hot pink Agate, Rose Quartz and a new table!

I love pink of any shade but especially pale and hot pink, my brother bought me a wonderful ring for Christmas the main stone being rose quartz and I bought myself a Lola Rose hot pink Agate ring from London Fashion Weekend last year so I wanted a necklace and bracelet to match both colours. I made both in Rose Quartz and Hot Pink Agate, with grey crystals and a Rose Quartz heart pendant. I photographed them on my new purchase, a gold and black marble French inspired table with hand painted cabouchons on each side, there are two matching side tables which are calling to me as well!!! The pink just hints of the Spring to come, hopefully in the not too distant future!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Saachi Gallery

Sophie (my daughter) is at The Saachi Gallery over the weekend and until Tuesday showing Gushlow and Cole's wonderful designs. Although it is just for  buyers they will be at London Fashion Weekend at the end of February, as always at Somerset House, London. Open to the public it is a wonderful venue to buy and see the latest designer collections. Do come and see Gushlow and Cole there, watch some fashion shows and have a glass of champagne!

The Saachi Gallery is now hosting a wonderful exhibition of David Hockney paintings as well as a huge number of other fantastic exhibitions, a wonderful place to visit!

The Saachi Gallery

A sheepskin wrap from Gushlow and Cole

Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday Fabulousness!

I am still feeling quite poorly so here are a few lovelies for your perusal. My apologies and I hope to get back to normal soon! (don't think 'normal' is quite the word) lol! Have a safe and wonderful weekend, take care, hugs B xxx

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