Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas rings!

As most of you know I have a crazy addiction to rings, I think it's the fact that you can looks at rings on your hands as you can't see earrings or neckaces yourself or maybe I was a Magpie in a previous life!
So for most birthdays and Christmas I nearly always get a ring or two to add to my collection. I asked my brother for an ancient Roman ring, I wanted to be able to wear something that a person living all those hundreds of years ago had touched and worn. He searched and searched but couldn't find anything in the right size or 'wearable' enough in his price range, he could have got one for thousands of pounds but of course it's just too much so this is what I got, and I love it, it's The Three Graces which appear to be nude! Silver and Gold with a Mother of Pearl Intaglio and I adore it. It came all the way from Australia and made it in time.

Sophie bought me a gorgeous huge ring by The Branch from The Clothes Show in Birmingham, made of wood and gold and carnelian, it's fabulous and as I wear a lot of neutral colours it's perfect.

I have been waiting for a bright day to take some photos of some of my other wonderful Christmas gifts but the weather here has been so miserable, rain rain rain, and the light terrible, I hope it will brighten up soon, as my late Mum would say it's getting on my pip! So excuse the dark photos, wishing you a great weekend, xxxx

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  1. Bea Gorgeous, love them both! The Three Graces ring is so elegant. Must get into my stash and wear a few numbers too, I'll do a cocktail ring post for you! X


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