Friday, 18 January 2013

St Mildred's, Tenterden

I have been very remiss of late posting on the blog, a combination of circumstances and feeling slighty under par. The weather here has been dire, rain and more rain only the odd day of sunshine and now we have snow! Yesterday was a lovely bright day though even if it was brass monkey weather too! I was in Tenterden and cannot resist a church. I am not religious but I do adore old churches. The beautiful, peaceful atmosphere and the timeless quality so appeal to me. The 12th century St Mildred's was no exception so I quietly went in and took a couple of photos, it was so stunning and completely empty,the sun was shining through the beautiful stained glass windows making patterns on the ancient pillars, I could have stayed there all day.

And a totally random pic that I rather like of my brother's cat Merlin, I love the way his colours almost merge with the background, he is half Norweigan Forest cat and half Somali, quite a handsome old chap!

Have a great weekend, take care in the snow! xxx

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