Monday, 19 September 2011

The Orphaned Adult

 Please accept my apologies for not posting for a few weeks. August and September are always hard months for me. I lost my beloved Mum and Dad in consecutive months so even the weather affects me, the humid heat of August reminds me of driving up to London every day to visit my Mum in St. Christopher's Hospice and the turning leaves of September of my  Dad.  Although I am supposed to be 'grown up' and even have a baby Granddaughter of my own, the longing for my parents never diminishes. I really don't envy other people  their success or possessions but the people I envy are those who still have parents. I hope they know how lucky they are!  But I must think myself so very fortunate to have had such wonderful parents and that's why I miss them so much.  The  video of Frank Sinatra's Autumn Leaves really sums up how I feel.

My Mum and Dad, Jess and Ben

A few of my favourtie things
 Mum and Dad, Jess and Ben, on their Wedding day,Mum said she was a little 'tiddly' as she was so nervous! Some of my favourite things, especially the little white bible which my Nanny gave me in 1960, I keep the cards which were attached to Mum and Dad's flowers.

I hope to be back to 'normal 'soon, not that I was ever 'normal' lol!!!! Wishing you a safe and wonderful week ahead, hugs, xxxxx  P.S If you want to listen to the video don't forget to pause the blog music!

Oh and Sophie is off to Paris tomorrow, and we will be at London Fashion Weekend next weekend at Somerset House so be sure to visit the blog for some hopefully great photos!

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  1. This is beautiful darling. Thank you for sharing...I especially love the photo of your Mum and Dad and your "favorite things" photo. Feel better soon...I miss you :) love always, your sis


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