Saturday, 5 November 2011

Flashback Friday-Christian Dior's New Look

I apologise for the late Flashback Friday post but yesterday I took my brother to hospital to have his heart stopped and started.....again! But it was unsuccessful this time so he is still in AF the whole time which is very unpleasant for him. I worry about him and love him lots! Anyway, here is this Friday's Flashback...Christian Dior's New Look.

How wonderful must it have been for women after six long years of utility and make do and mend clothing to have this amazing new silhouette of nipped in waist and very full swishing circular skirts. I remember my late Mum having a wonderful red New Look coat which would knock things off low shelves when we went shopping it was that full lol! It was a very glamorous look and one I still love. How I wish there was more style and elegance in this world today!

Christian Dior

New Look Silhouette

New Look

Christian Dior

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