Friday, 18 November 2011

Flashback Friday-Memories of a 50s Christmas

Big Bear and Plod!
Christmas is fast approaching and this year we have a wonderful new baby in our family, my son Piers and his wife Anita's daughter Jessica Lilly who was born on 5th May! So my thoughts have been wandering back to when I was a child at Christmas in the 50s. A different era and a whole different way of life! Although money was tight in those post war days, my parents made it a magical time for my brother and I. No stockings for us but a pillow case stuffed with toys from Father Christmas. I remember getting Big Ted when I was one year old, yes I have a memory of getting out of bed and standing on Big Ted who was on the floor next to my present stuffed pillow case and as I stepped on his tummy gave a big growl and frightened me, I wondered what it was! Now this brings me to my brother, who professes never to have had a teddy, the truth is he didn't take care of his! My Big Ted is now 59 years old!! He has always been with me and lives on my bed. He is of course been loved a bit too much, if you ever can be! He is a bit worse for wear but still has a sort of vanilla smell about him which is unbelievable as he smelt just like he still does all those years ago! So, when I saw Mr Policeman bear I had to have him for my brother, a sort of joke present! My brother was in the Police Force before retiring many years ago now.

Here are a few images of a 50s Chrismas, a much simpler time and I treasure the memories that will stay with me for ever


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, take care, B  xxx

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  1. I love this ! I think I had that little cowgirl outfit !! It looks just like our own family pictures...;>) You are a treasure for sharing these thoughtful insights and flash backs :))
    x0x0, Paulette


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