Thursday, 5 April 2012

Flea market pretties!

I found these lovely porcelain fans at a flea market, I had already sent one to my dear friend Paulette as she is all about everything Marie Antoinette and low and behold another four came to light! So they will find their way to the States in due course. Also the beautiful little tea light holders from Italy were a market find all for £4! So I thought I would make a little arrangement of them. The sweet jug with the Easter bunny on it was the first gift my dear late second Mum bought me twenty two years ago and it was an Easter present and I love and treasure it. Janet passed away one year ago on 22nd April, it was a Good Friday, she always did do things in style! I miss her so much and will never forget her. For you darling Jan, who loved pretty things!

My beautiful second Mum Janet in her beloved Kentish countryside

I wish you a wonderful Easter, don't forget the only true riches you have are your health, family and friends, much love and hugs xxxxxx


  1. Just beautiful photography darling and all your own ! If you know what I mean.

    A lovely tribute to your memories of Jan are always so thoughtful, I wish I possessed one ounce of your kindness and caring nature.

    OH and of course, those fans are exquisite ! Just love the photos....will Pinterest them.

    love and many kisses,
    Your sister of the heart..Paulette

  2. Thank you so much my darling, your lovely words are balm to my heart! Will send the fans soon, lul, your Sis xxxx

  3. WOW all your posts are just beautiful, your so clever!


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