Thursday, 26 April 2012

Baby Bee!

Last Christmas I bought Jessica my Granddaughter a little Bumble Bee outfit thinking that I would take some arty photos of her when she grew into it. Well she had other thoughts and was having none of it lol! She hates anything on her head, hates being dressed up, so after chasing her around to try and get a few good shots  here are a couple that I managed to get. What a complete blessing Grandchildren are, they bring so much joy into your life and watching them grow and develop is a complete miracle. Even if at only one year old they roll their eyes at you already, signs of things to come lol!

1 comment:

  1. Bea, this is an important duty, you must acclimatise your lovely grand-daughter to dressing up from the earliest possible age! Good work! When my niece was born 21 years ago, I made all sort of baby grow suits for her out of panne velvet that included faux Pucci prints and crushed black! It was so much fun dressing her up, mind you, had to make sure my outfit wasn't upstaged......keep an eye on her. X


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