Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Beautiful Kent

I am passionate about my county of Kent, The Garden of England, of course others would disagree but I think it is one of the most beautiful and certainly historic of all England's counties. Situated only 30 odd miles from London and half an hour from the sea it is wonderfully placed and has the best of both worlds. Crammed full of Castles and historic buildings and places it fulfils my love of history and even in everyday life I walk past stunning architecture and ancient places. Here are a few photos of these places I have past in the last week.

The Chalybeate Springs, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Royalty would come to take the waters here for their health

Tubbridge Wells, The Pantilles

Tunbridge Wells

Lovely Mews, Tunbridge Wells

The Ancient House, Biddenden




A huge Anchor in Tenterden High Street, doubt if anyone would attempt to nick this!!


Love the Fox knocker!

My favourite Chocolate shop all hand made

Tenterden's quaint high street

This is a lovely video of some of the amazing Castles in Kent, don't forget to pause the music on the right hand side to watch the video, xxx

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Celia Birtwell Memories

Last Sunday Sophie and I went to Tunbridge Wells to do a bit of shopping, mainly to buy winter trousers in Long Tall Sally as having a 36" inside leg it is impossible to buy them anywhere else. Well on the way I had the radio on and I said to Sophie 'That sounds like Celia', she was on Desert Island Discs which happens to be my favourite radio show. I cannot tell you how emotional it made me feel, in fact I shed a few tears, the memories of those amazing times came flooding back so clearly and it took me by surprise the way it made me feel. God, it was a dream job if you could call it a job, more like meeting up with your friends every day for a great time, such a heady time for a young teenage girl. We had to sit in the car in the car park until it was finished, here is the show and I hope you have the time to listen to it.

Here is a lovely video of some of Celia's amazing fabric designs and the fashion shows of Ossie Clark, I was there!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Anna Karenina

I was really looking forward to watching Anna Karenina at the cinema as it one of my favourite Russian stories but I was so disappointed in the new film. I thought it ruined by ridiculous settings and an almost comic translation. Of course it's just my opinion but I so much prefer the original film. The saving grace was a wonderful performance by Jude Law as Anna's thwarted husband. Anyway, the cinema is right opposite the most gorgeous 14th century building on the river Medway The Archbishops Palace which was built in the early 14th century as a resting place for Archbishops on route from Canterbury to London, now it houses the Registry Office and is a beautiful place to get married. I started to take some photos but the heavens opened so I only managed to get a few.

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