Sunday, 6 May 2012

Flashback Friday-Everything Marie Antoinette

I have always been interested in history and especially stand alone fascinating characters from the past such as Marie Antoinette. Of course I had read and taught about her at school and been attracted to everything 'Marie' and had occasionally bought paintings and 'things' relating to her but it wasn't until I met my dearest friend Paulette of PaperNosh and saw her divine work based mostly on Marie and that period in history that I started looking out for objects which I thought Paulette would love. I have found some very pretty things and sent them to her in the US where she lives, so I was really pleased when I was at work on Thursday that I came across the yellow Marie figure, it had no markes except for numbers and she is in fact some sort of container. I packed her well to bring her home but when I took her out of her wrapping her head had been decapitated!!! It gave a new meaning to 'Off with her head' lol, anyway I don't think Paulette will mind the glued head of Marie! She loves things a little shabby chic which is just as well. If you have not see the stunning work Paulette does please go and have a look at her beautiful blog, you can reach it by pressing the PaperNosh button on the right hand side. I have taken a few Marie related photos so here they are.


  1. Hello dearest darling !
    How sweet of you to think of me. Yes you are so right...we used to call all things a bit broken or chipped the "Paulette Collection" when I had my TeaRoom, A Queen's Legacy in Cali. I would always lug home anything in disrepair and lovingly fix it and give it a loving home. To me it just adds to the nostalgia and vintage appeal and doesn't detract from it's original loveliness.

    I myself have been a bit broken at times and thank goodness I had people in my life that "repaired" and loved me until I was "fixed"....heh heh !

    Love the gorgeous photos of all things Marie that you have taken today and ( squeal squeal !!) can't wait to see my yellow Marie.

    love you dearly ~


  2. Hi Bea, love looking at Marie Antoinette and all related things!
    I really can't blame Marie Antoinette for everything, I think I would have done the same if I was put in her 'shoes' so to speak! The fabrics, the ribbon, the decor, the pastries, the animal nursery, the love Trianon, Oh, okay, I guess she'd did take things a little too far! How much do you love Versailles? The time I went Pop artist Jeff Koons had an exhibition throughout the Palace - Koons is almost as bad as Marie, he said his artwork matched the Sun King's opulence! That Paper Nosh paraphernalia is gorgeous, too!


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