Friday, 13 July 2012

Gifts from America

I have had early birthday gifts, gifts on my birthday and now some beautiful late birthday gifts. My wonderful friend Paulette who lives in the US always sends me birthday gifts and sometimes they get through customs fine but this time they held on to them for quite a long time, anyway, I got them yesterday and honestly opening gifts from Paulette is always an exciting experience, they are so stunningly wrapped with her own printed wrapping paper and silky bows, tons of delicate tissue paper with lots of oohs and aahs from me. I can never get hats to fit my big head but Paulette manged it! A lovely straw hat for the beach or when the sun shines, a big gold and brown beach bag, a fab pair of D & G sunglaesses in an animal print case, a tapestry Marie Antoinette cushion cover, some beautiful smellies, love the glass bowl with the bee on top, a sweet little trinket box in the shape of a dressing table, a gorgeous and cheeky vintage cup and saucer with Strumpet written on, is she trying to tell me something haha, and last but not least some of her divine hand made cards! Spoilt or what?

My wonderful gifts from Paulette

Paulette's stunning creations, her blog La Pink Paperie  can be found by pressing the Papernosh button on the right hand side of the blog, it is a scrumptious wonderland of beauty

Clever Paulette, a hat that fits!!

Love my D & G Sunglasses

A big hat and Sunglasses, hides most of my face....perfect!!

Thank you darling for such a wonderful box of beautiful goodies, I adore every one of my perfectly chosen gifts!

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  1. That's an outstanding gift collection! Love the tea cup! Will have to have a good look brought at La Pink Paperie, it looks amazing. X


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