Monday, 16 July 2012

Sea Air!

I am at my happiest by the sea so yesterday instead of having lunch in a restaurant Sophie and I decided to take my brother for a picnic on the beach. Brave? Well considering the weather we are having......very! He lives in Rye so we went to Wincheslsea beach which was totally deserted apart from us, actually when the sun peaked through the black clouds it was gorgeous but that only happened for about ten seconds! But being British and used to it we Kept Calm and Carried on!! Food always tastes better outside I think even on a windy beach. Winchelsea is curious as it changes from green pasture land with sheep grazing to a shingle beach across the path, so we had fresh sea air mingled with the sweet smell of manure!I love taking photos but this digital lark really gets my goat, there is a second or two time lap before the shutter clicks so you have to anticipate the picture you want. I wanted to take some photos of Sophie jumping in the air with a sea background,  We had a laugh doing it and the sea was as warm as a bath so strange? Anyway, here are a few photos, think I may go back to a manual camera, I am a technophobic!

The scene across from Winchelsea Beach

Those Clouds!


Black Headed Gull

We had such a laugh about this one!


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  1. Sophie's a sport all right! Looks like you had too much sea air! I laughed out loud when I saw this! Your seagull shots are lovely.


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