Friday, 6 July 2012

Flashback Friday-23 years of joy!

Today is my daughter Sophie's 23rd birthday born on 6.7.89 she really is as special as her birth date. I remember like it was yesterday the phone call from the hospital giving me the results of my amniocentisis, I wasn't going to ask the sex of the baby prefering a surprise, but the woman at the hospital asked me if I wanted to know and I sort of couldn't resist knowing and when she told me that the baby was a girl, I broke down in tears, I think she thought I was upset but of course I was over the moon. I had such a wonderful relationship with my late Mum that I always hoped that if I had a daughter we would be as close, well history has repeated itself and I can honestly say we hardly ever have a cross word, she is so caring and thoughtful, compassionate and beautiful inside and out. Fifteen years seperate my son from my daughter but now they are such good friends and the age gap makes no difference. Here is a little flashback over twenty three years of joy that Sophie has given me, love you to the moon and back darling! Happy Birthday!

Sophie at a few month old

Sophie on her 1st birthday with my late Mum, she passed away a year later

Sophie with two of her cats Oscar and Hugo

Sophie has always loved animals but not when they have just pooped!!

One of our days out

Sophie on her last day at College

Sophie on her Graduation day, she gained a 2.1 degree in Fashion and Textile Design

Sophie Graduated in Salisbury Cathedral which was really special

Sophie with her Tutor Jenny

Enjoying a glass of bubby at Somerset House at London Fashion Weekend, she works for designers Gushlow and Cole

Stopping for a well earned cup of coffee

In London for HM Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

Auntie Sophie with niece Jessica, named after my Mum

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, with love and hugs, B xxxxx

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  1. Lovely to see the four generations, talk about lucky girls and what a lot of love between you all. Happy Day to S. xx


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