Saturday, 18 August 2012

Summer Scent

As you know I am a perfume freak but on hot days the last thing you want is to be overpowered by heavy fragrances. I love vintage perfumes which I have used in the past because most of all they bring back happy memories but if they are discontinued they are also horridly expensive. One that I have always loved for Summer is L'eau de Monteil, no longer available in the shops, sometimes on line but even then too expensive for a fragrance you want to use everyday in the Summer. It is a wonderfully light sea breeze sort of scent, with orange and carnation giving it a little spice, almost like the fragrance of a tropical beach front garden mingled with marine spray. So, when I came across Beachy by Lilly Pulitzer which by the way I bought blind as it was a similar colour bottle and sounded from the reviews something like L'eau de Monteil. A huge bottle arrived for some silly price, I think about £20 and I absolutely love it, similar but different, it includes a salty note and I can smell a hint of sun tan lotion, it is so beautiful for a Summer's day, and I am not afraid to spritz it all over lol! So I can now keep my L'eau de Monteil for special occasions. Both have attracted lovely comments, I do like it when people notice my perfume and I thoroughly recommend both. Keep cool and fragrant and have a fabulous weekend, hugs, B xxx

Beachy and L'eau de Monteil

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  1. Sounds wonderful...will try to find some Lilly Pulitzer on line and try know I love anything that you love. :)) xoxo


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