Friday, 24 August 2012

I love big rings and I cannot lie!

I have a passion for big rings, the bigger the better, and I have amassed quite a collection, so I thought I would photograph a few. I find jewellery photography really difficult as you cannot really capture the sparkle and beauty of a piece unless you are a professional with all the proper equipment, anyway here are my efforts!

This is a huge ring which covers two fingers, maybe not for every day! From Thailand

Unusual bullet shapped silver and orange sapphire ring from Ebay

One of my favourites, an Italian designed ring from Italy

A huge Cameo ring from Vintage Sparkles on Etsy

A Christmas gift from my brother, stunning rose quartz huge ring from Istanbul by FIGistanbul on Etsy

Beautiful chartreuse colour from Charles Winston

Took a plain black ring and added a silver and marcasite swan which was an earring

Emerald ring from Thailand

A Biba ring that my daughter Sophie bought me

Smokey Quartz ring from America

Another gift from Sophie a huge dress ring

A charity shop buy looks amazing on

German designer ring

A holiday buy from France

A Lucas Jack ring

An YSL ring

Amethyst and Marcasite Art Deco ring

Green and Gold ring from Ebay

Rose Quartz and Diamonds for my 40th birthday given to me on the QE2

Unusual baquette cut Amethyst ring from Etsy

Really beautiful Snope ring from FIGistanbul on Etsy

These are just the tip of the iceberg lol, not sure why I have such a passion for them, think I just like looking at them, or as someone once told me.....I must have been a Magpie in a previous life! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, take care, hugs, B xxxx

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  1. Bea lovely, this brings out the bower bird in Flora! What beautiful photos! I really like so many, thought the swan on black looked stunning, what a wonderful array of adornments that each have a story. That Biba ring is something else, too. xx


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