Thursday, 20 September 2012

A new baby!

Here is the newest member of the family, a little rescued kitten we named Lettuce. She had been kept in a cat basket all day without food or water and no exercise so we couldn't let that go on so she came to us and in the few days we have had her if feels like she has been here forever, so loving, so good and so cute! The other cats are slowy getting used to her, Biba is the worst as she has been the baby and she has been telling us in no uncertain terms what she thinks, well she is a Siamese! But even she is slowly coming around, Lettuce isn't afraid of anything or anyone and is wonderfully affectionate, on my shoulder watching me type as I speak. She will be loved and cherished as all animals should be.

Anita and I took Jessica to a lovely lake with lots of birds, she loves feeding the birds, she points to the tiniest bird on a rooftop that I can hardly see! On Sunday she is going to see the Gorillas at Howletts, she is going to be another animal lover in the family, so important to introduce animals in a child's life. I remember all our family pets with such love and affection well maybe not the Giant African Snail......


  1. Lovely post Bea, Jess is gorgeous, love the mention of fixating on things, too. look at her staring at the bicycle symbol! Lettuce is the cutest, such a coat and that pale pink nose! Careful of those geese, this Antipodean is scared of them! Xx

  2. Oh Barbara, the new kitty is adorable. So glad she has found a good home. I have rescued four lovely little females, Sophie, CoCo, Chloe, and Chanel who has each of us wrapped around their paws.

    Your Jessica is a cutie and looks as if she had a wonderful outing.

    Have a fabulous new week!!Lisa

  3. So sweet of you to comment Lisa, Lettuce is so sweet, although she has a habit of trying to bite my nose lol! Your babies sound so cute! Love their names. Jess is my pride and joy such a lovely little character and so like her Daddy. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, take care xxxx


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