Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Secret Confessions of an Addict!

Yes, I admit it I am an addict! Not drugs or alcohol but............ PERFUME!! Right from when I was a little girl it was  an obsession of mine. Evening in Paris in the sweet dark blue bottle was the first perfume I was aware of and those warm, fragrant cuddles from my late Mum will stay with me forever. I think that is why I adore perfume, it is so evocative and instantly brings back wonderful memories of times gone by. Vintage perfume makes up a lot of my collection and I am not a lover of perfumes that you can find on every high street. My signature fragrance is FRACAS by Robert Piguet first introduced in 1948.  Instantly recognisable to those in the know, it was discontinued for years and every country I visited I would search this perfume out sometimes uncovering a dusty bottle in a backstreet pharmacy. To my delight it was brought back in the 90s. I first smelt Fracas when I went to work for the genius designer Ossie Clark in the 60s. It was his favourite perfume and wore it all the time, so it has very special memories for me, a unique time in my life, living in the King's Road and meeting so many iconic people of that time, the 60s really were all that they have been cracked up to be and more!! 

Another one of my favourites is Ombre Rose by  Jean Charles Brosseau , a beautiful soft, powdery feminine scent that always gets compliments when I wear it. Nude by Bill Blass is another fav. I literally have hundreds of bottles of perfume, well some people collect antiques I collect perfume!  If you want to try a perfume and I have it you are very welcome to a sample, just email me! Have a wonderful fragrant weekend! Take care xx   Here us a really fabulous site where you can find out what fragrances the 'stars' wear!

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  1. Darling you are the Perfume Queen! I am actually wearing my Ombre Rose that you sent me over two years ago...can you believe it ! So pretty....I'll have to sample the FRACAS...sounds so pretty. xoxo, your sis


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