Monday, 11 July 2011

Two Cancerians!

We celebrated another birthday, these Cancerians get everywhere! My daughter Sophie was 22 last week, no fancy parties for her, all she wanted to do was have a picnic on the beach with her family. Well the weather forecast didn't look promising, cloudy and rain, not that I mind as I am not a lover of really hot weather but it helps when you are going for a picnic on the beach! Undaunted we set of to a little beach at Folkestone harbour about 30 minutes from us. As we drove down the motorway the clearer it became, when we arrived at the harbour it was clear blue skies, a gorgeous breeze and just the right temperature! We found ourselves a lovely spot with shade if we wanted it. Just to be near the sea lifts my spirits and feeds the soul, being a couple of crabs we are right at home! The picnic was delicious even with the crunchy grains of sand hehe, a bottle of champagne still cold and good company, what could be better?

We played beach tennis, fed the seagulls, paddled in the sea, ate crab and prawns and just relaxed, it was wonderful. We arrived home about 6pm, where a large chocolate birthday cake and a lovely cup of tea awaited . Sometimes the simple things in life are the best! Here are a few photos, the birthday girl in pensive mode, Folkestone Harbour and the lovely new cooling fountains built by Roger De Haan who has pumped millions of pounds to regenerate this ailing seaside town.  Thank you Roger! xxx

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