Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Crafty half hour!

I had a 'Crafty half hour' this morning, just felt like making something so had these church candles in vanilla and dusty pink, which happens to be my friend Chris's favourite colour, her whole house is this beautiful soft dusty pink and varying shades of it. So I thought I would make her a pretty decorated candle for her dressing table. The vanilla one is made with lace and vintage brooch and pearls, I found some lovely pins with crystal heads so I just pinned the decoration on, easy to take off!  If you would like one made in your colours just drop me an email.

Hope your week is going swimmingly! B xxx


  1. Hello! I am sorry I don't understand Russian, but love to read about Russia, it's a bit of an addiction really. Hope it's a nice comment ha! All the best, Bea


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