Friday, 20 January 2012

Flashback Friday-Horatio Hornblower and the ancient town of Rye, East Sussex

I was flicking through the dross on the tv channels this afternoon when I got back from work and I came across a film starring Gregory Peck in Captain Hornblower, well I do love a man in uniform! Anyway, it came to the part where he arrived home to find his wife had died in childbirth, it showed him walking up a steep cobbled street and going into his house which turns out to be Mermaid Street, well it was filmed in Rye, East Sussex which just happens to be one of my very favourite places and where my brother lives so I thought I would show you a few photographs of this beautiful gem that sits on the River Rother in East Sussex. A stunning medieval town and a truly unique I have stepped back in time sort of place. If you are ever in the area do pay it a visit, you will be enchanted with it's charm and history. I go there most weeks to visit my brother and we usually end up at The George Hotel, a lovely place which serves the best fish and chips ever!

Captain Horatio Hornblower played by Gregory Peck

The Mermaid courtyard

Medieval houses opposite St Mary's Church

Mermaid Street


Mermaid Street, where Captain Hornblower was filmed

This is the lounge at The George in Rye, my favourite place to sit

Church Square

St. Mary's Church

This is a lovely video of Rye, sit back and enjoy this little gem of England, have a wonderful weekend, take care hugs, Bxxxx  Don't forget to pause the music on the right hand side so that you can watch this video


  1. Loved everything especially the video and the music from Harry Potter ?
    Your sis

  2. Thank you my darling, the music is from Edward Scissor Hands though very Harry Potter like. Going to take you to Rye one day! LUL xxxx

  3. Yes....we have to know when I said Harry Potter I knew it was wrong as soon I posted...he he ! Oh well....still loved it ! love you ! P


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