Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Hidden Treasure!

Isn't it exciting when you come across things you haven't seen for a long time, or for that matter can't even remember buying them or where they came from! I had a free day today as I was going to meet my brother for lunch but he has had an op recently and was not feeling great so I thought I would take the opportunity to unpack some boxes that have been kept in the garage for yonks! It was quite exciting unpacking the things,  firstly a lovely Czech full tea set that came from.....I have no idea, racked my brains but cannot remember even having seen it before, it's rather lovely and I know one person who would love it, my dear Sis Paulette! Then my lovely enamelled silver spoons that I just forgot about and some lovely little jugs and a sweet Limoges coffee can. Then a vase which I vaguely remember buying from a Charity shop, or thrift shop as my American friends would call them, anyway I looked the signature up on google and it's worth a tidy sum! It's by Lindsey B who is very collectable now, so I was really pleased with my little stash of goodies! I have a LOT more boxes so who knows what I will find? Here are a few photos of the tea set and of course my Siamese Biba (just found out that the monks in Siam now Thialand used to call these cats who guarded their temples Moon Diamonds, itsn't that lovely so now she is Biba Moon Diamond, quite a mouthfull hehe) couldn't contemplate being left out, but I assure you she didn't go near the macarons lol! And the other little bits and bobs.


  1. A blog is beautiful, with a staging unbeatable seafront, love, congratulations

  2. Thank you so much Noelle, lovely to hear from you! Wishsing you a wonderful New Year, take care, much love Bea xxx


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