Friday, 29 June 2012

Birthday gifts!

I promised a few friends that I would post some photos of my birthday gifts, so here they are. Forgot to put my bracelet in the photo but suffice to say it's black, silver and sparkly! My brother gave me the lovely brown croc bag and sent me some money, and of course my break to the Cotswolds was my main gift so I am blessed.  I have a lunch on Monday where more gifts will appear! I do love giving gifts as much as I love receiving them and it's Sophie's birthday next Friday 6th, she was born on 6.7.89 and she is as special as her birth date! Oh no more food!!!

The tan bag on the right has another bag inside, handy! From Sophie

Oooh! Three more lovely perfums, Paris YSL from Sophie Pamplemousse Guerlain from Bryn and Fig by Arran from Sophie

This lovely sheepskin wrap came from Trina and Emma of Gushlow and Cole, it's so beautiful even if it is upside down! Thank you so much girls!

A vintage Avon black cat and lovely scarf from my friend Cheryl and a Bee spoon from another friend Inge

Lots of lovely creams including my fav Creme de la Mer

A beautiful kaftan from Sophie and White Gardenia Petals from Mike

Everyone who knows me knows about my love of Bees so here we have a beautiful black enamel and rhinestone bee, one of Sophie's gifts and a little bee key ring from my darling Jessica, she also gave me some lovely flowers which she picked out herself!

A gorgeous Croc bag from my brother

Fab YSL lipstick I wanted and more creams and cosmetics (are they trying to tell me something?)

Books, can never have enough, both set during WW2, my special interest

We have decided on a picnic by the river on Sunday with some Champagne hope the weather keeps fine! And hope you all have a lovely weekend, hugs, B xxxx

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  1. Bea, you might have outdone HRH! Love, love the croc bag's styling, can see why you love it! Love the sound of those girlfriends, too, giving you that warm wrap, lucky you.


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