Friday, 18 May 2012

Crystal and Stone

I really love receiving my parcels of stones and crystals that come through the post, you never know exactly what they will look like in the flesh. I was thrilled with some new ones that came so I have made a couple of new designs with them, the sparkle of the crystal is so wonderful that you cannot really capture it in a photograph, but I tried! If you are interested in any of them please contact me at  Of course if you wanted something special in your own colours let me know I love doing custom work.

Beautiful large grey crystals with pale pink fasceted treardrop crystals and pearls

Large Aqua Crystals with pale pink fasceted teardrop crystals

Huge Jasper beads with Amazonite

Natural grey Aquamarine with Mystic Topaz crystal and pale pink fasceted teardrop crystals

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, big hugs, Bea xxx

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