Friday, 25 May 2012

Sex and the City and a pair of earrings!

I have been looking for a pair of bright green Jade earrings for ages, love the colour of the bright green jade but everything I found was either too small or too expensive! Browsing on Ebay I came across just the thing, a pair of Kenneth Jay Lane earrings, faux jade, only I will know! They looked familiar, I was sure I had seen something similar but couldn't place where, well I was watching the first Sex and the City film (again) I am a huge fan, and there was Charlotte in a very similar pair only a different colour and I remember commenting on them at the first time of watching. They arrived, gawd they are BIG! Could I wear them at my age? I put them on and LOVED them, my daughter approved so they must look ok. They just lift my spirits with that gorgeous pop of jade green. Don't tell anyone but I have ordered another pair  the same as Charlotte's only in Turquoise. No necklace needed, they are the star!

Charlotte wearing the Coral Kenneth Jay Lane earrings

Moi in the Jade rectangular style

The Turqpoise Kenneth Jay Lane earrings I have ordered

Keeping my eyes out for a Jade ring something like this


  1. Love the earrings and as FFucshia puts it, your superior hair!

  2. Oh lovely....can't wait to see the turquoise on you!
    xx ~


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