Friday, 25 May 2012

Flashback Friday-Medieval Workplace

I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday, the Hall was silent, a beautiful English (hot) Summer's day, and my mind was wandering back to the time that this wonderful medieval building was the village workhouse (an institute for the poor of the village) It has hardly changed since those days, the village high street boasts medieval houses that have stood for centuries so later I walked down and took some photos and realised how lucky I am to live in such a stunning county as Kent, for me there is nowhere more serene or beautiful than England on a Summer's Day and nowhere I would rather be. The photos are of The Cloth Hall now and then and the high street and interior of the Hall.

The Cloth Hall, Headcorn, Kent when it was occupied as the village workhouse

Victorian workhouse children outside The Cloth Hall

The Church Walk alongside The Cloth Hall

The Graveyard next to The Cloth Hall

A Kentish Cottage nexxt to The Cloth Hall

Headcorn high street

Medieval House that line the high street

Interior beams at The Cloth Hall

Vintage hats

View down the high street from The Cloth Hall

View of the churchyard from The Cloth Hall

Do hope you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine, hugs, B xxxxx

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful...I would expect a 'Jane Austen' figure to emerge on the church walk at any moment in time. Thank you for sharing honey bee !!


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