Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The second birthday this month was my brother's, won't tell you how old let's say a bit older than 21!!! He lives in Rye, East Sussex which is a stunning ancient town and very beautiful. I took him to lunch at The George Hotel, afterwards we went for a stoll up to The Citadel, it's like you have stepped back in time and is centered around the church of St Mary's. Cobbled streets, timbered buildings and just a timeless atmosphere. I spied a beautiful croc handbag in one of the little boutiques there, hint hint, and while I took some photos he bought it for me! It's great having an older brother!! Here are a couple of photos I took, it was a very overcast day so no blue skies but still stunning!

1 comment:

  1. How lovely is Rye! Mr Fascinata went there when he used to live in Romney on Marsh! Looking at your photos I could feel the wrinkles dropping off my face! So cool and relaxing looking. Now on another note, how terribly selfish of you to hold back on the handbag photo! Miffed.


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