Saturday, 16 June 2012

Flashback Friday - Trooping of the Colour

My Grandfather Charles

Granny and Grandad Amelia and Charles, Grandad is wearing two flashes on his arm which denote being wounded, he was actually wounded three times not two

With my late Mum Jess
Today 16th June is HM Queen Elizabeth II official birthday and on this day every year the magnificent Trooping of the Colour is performed for HM, I was watching it on tv this morning when I was having my breakfast and I always watch out for the Grenadier Guards as my maternal Grandfather was a Grenadier and he took part in this wonderful spectacle when he was a young man. He was also stationed outside Buckingham Palace. I never knew my Grandfather, he was gassed three times during the first WW and he died of Leukaemia at a very young age thought to be due to the gassing's, but of course I felt I knew him through the stories that my Granny and Mum would tell me. One of the sweetest is how my Granny and Grandad met, my Granny was walking along the street and on the pavement she saw a medal shining in the sun, she picked it up and it had a name on the back (guess who's) she put an advert in the local paper and low and behold my Grandad came forward to claim it and also claimed my Granny! I loved that story, so romantic!

The video is of The British Grenadiers at The Trooping of the Colour, I have been lucky enough to attended this wonderful event twice, it never fails to bring me to tears,  the history, pomp and pageantry are stunning and something that Great Britain does best. Please pause the music on the right hand side to watch this video

My Grandfather would have been on guard here although in his day the sentry box was actually on the pavement outside the Palace but due to being harassed by the public and tourists (can you believe) it was moved inside the Palace gates. I so wish my parents were still alive, I miss them so much, if you are lucky enough to still have your parents ask them about your heritage, ask them to tell you family stories, for when they are gone those untold stories will be gone too.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead, take care, hugs, B xxxx


  1. How wonderful to see your heritage darling ! A lovely story...and how they met... ! It was fate wasn't kind to us sometimes and with a story like that you know it's true that perhaps fate has a hand in all we do....even how you and I met :)) xxxx's ~~ Paulette

  2. Yes I think it was fate that they met that way darling they were very happy together until Grandad died and then six weeks later their son Leonard was killed in the 2nd WW, it was such a hard time for them, but our children and grandchildren should know the good and bad times of our heritage. I would love to see something of yours! Especially the Russian side as you know I am fascinated by Russia. Thank you for your lovely words darling, lul xxxx


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