Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nobody does it better!

The British weather did it's best to dampen the spirits of the people watching the Queen's Diamond Jubilee flotilla on the River Thames but it failed miserably! Let's face it we are used to it, even in the most dire weather nothing could take away from the glorious pomp and pageantry that in my opinion Great Britain does best.  I was due to go with Sophie and Bryn, but I still am suffering from the tail end of an awful Summer cold and didn't really fancy catching pneumonia. They loved every moment of it, and were proud to be a part of a page in history. It has been a terrible shame that Prince Phillip was unable to be by the Queen's side for the last two days of the celebrations due to a condition that required a hospital stay, we wish him a swift and full recovery, he has been her rock for over 60 years and she must have felt his absence very much so get well soon Sir!!!

Bryn and Sophie and Tansy as the Corgis!

Sophie and Tansy with a lovely Scotsman collecting for chairty

Sophie and Tansy, HM and Prince Phillip!

A brave and patriotic woman!


The Gloriana in front of the Palace of Westminster

The Spirit of Chartwell

Policemen are definately getting younger!

HM Queen Elizabeth on The Spirit of Chartwell

Good view!

The Chay Blyth


A family of patriots

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