Friday, 1 June 2012

Flashback Friday-God Save The Queen!

For as long as I have lived HM Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne and this weekend we celebrate her faultless 60 years with her Diamond Jubilee. I cannot express to you how much HM means to me and even as I write this I am becoming very tearful for she represents everything that is great about this country, it's traditions and enduring goodness. Can you guess I am proud to be British? I hope to be standing on the banks of The River Thames on Sunday watching the Royal Flotilla, what a magnificent sight it will be, the weather forecast is for rain which is par for the course but lets hope the sun will come out at least while this incredible spectacle sails down the river. I hope and pray that HM will have many more happy and healthy years as our Queen, no one could do it better!

The Gloriana Rowbarge which was especially commissioned for the Diamond Jubilee but was deemed too open for security reasons

The Spirit of Chartwell

This is The Spirit of Chartwell in which HM will sail down The River Thames. The Gloriana which was especially built for the Diamond Jubilee was thought to be too much of a security risk as it was too open

If you have never seen HM Queen Elizabeth's coronation here is a video of it, it starts in black and white and then becomes colour. I still get goose bumps when the choir sings, it is heavenly!


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