Thursday, 28 June 2012

Little Holly Hobbit!

My birthday celebrations are still continuing! I love it when that happens, and earlier in the week we all went to lunch at a lovely hotel and golf club near Tenterden in Kent. The weather was kind to us so we sat outside overlooking the course. Really I just wanted to share some oh so cute photos of my Granddaughter Jess in her little sun hat she looked just like Holly Hobbit. She is becoming quite the little food critic, she eats everything that we do and seems to love everything. My brother did bring her favourite fruits though, strawberries and bananas, I remember when I was expecting my son Piers those are the only two things I could eat for ages! Jess reminds me so much of him at her age, so happy and contented and loved going out and being with people, it's like turning the clock back! They are both doing such a wonderful job in bringing her up and I am so proud of them.

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